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With a growing market, it is important to have the best cryptocurrency exchange platform. There are a huge variety of exchange houses (with services worldwide) that allow you to trade (sell, buy and exchange) these digital assets. Each platform has specific terms of service, so choose the platform that best suits your needs.

Latin America stands out among the regions with the highest cryptocurrency adoption rates.

The best cryptocurrency exchange platform

Below are the best cryptocurrency exchanges, please find out more about how they work.


It is one of the most recognized platforms in the world, operating in 102 countries and with millions of active users. Since its founding (in 2012 and based in the United States) Coinbase has allowed you to buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies securely. They have also included several additional services for individuals and businesses, from trading to a training program that allows you to receive rewards (you can test cryptocurrency by learning how it works).  

Cryptocurrencies                               nbsp;                          ;                              nbsp;                      Over 16 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and XRP.
Commissions and fees The normal buying and selling rate is 1.49%, if the transaction is made by card (debit and credit) it is 3.99%. It may vary according to location.
Portfel  A free service available from the mobile app that allows users to manage the cryptocurrencies at their disposal.
Forms of Payment Credit and debit cards, bank transfers (subject to change depending on location).
Security The platform has an insurance policy for its customers' digital capital. In addition, less than 2% of the funds are held online.
Mobile Application Yes, it allows you to buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies. It also provides information about the price of available cryptocurrencies.


It is one of the most reliable exchanges, offering multiple trading options for the 150 most traded cryptocurrencies in the world. It is a company that started in China (2017) and is based in Malta, in less than 4 years it has achieved an excellent reputation for the variety of services and options it offers. In addition, it has a robust online platform (available in mobile and desktop versions), as well as an API that allows integration with various trading applications.

Cryptocurrencies                               nbsp;                          ;                              nbsp;                      Over 150 available for exchange, and the most traded to buy and sell (including BNB - Binance's currency).
Commissions and fees Bianance charges a flat fee of 0.1% for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, although this can be as high as 25% if BNB is used for the transaction. Deposits and withdrawals are free.
Portfel  It has a fast and secure mobile application (Trust Wallet), a wallet to store and manage cryptocurrencies.
Forms of Payment  Credit and debit cards, bank transfers. If the transaction is a P2P (person to person) transaction, up to 60 payment methods and fiat currencies are available.
Security The platform uses the best computer security standards to protect its clients' funds.

The security of funds is one of the most important elements to analyze in cryptocurrency exchange platforms.


This cryptocurrency exchange is based in the United States, started in 2011 and has developed an excellent track record (worldwide) offering cryptocurrency exchange, trading and investment services. It has a secure platform (it keeps over 95% of its clients' funds offline, but 100% available for withdrawal), while funds that are online are safely stored with a high level of security. In addition, it offers an intuitive graphical user interface for ease of use and 24/7 customer support.

Cryptocurrencies                               nbsp;                          ;                              nbsp;                      20 of the world's most traded cryptocurrencies, also accepts fiat currencies for exchange.
Commissions and fees Withdrawal and deposit fees vary by cryptocurrency, but most cryptocurrencies allow free deposits. There is also a minimum amount for each transaction (varies by cryptocurrency type).
Portfel  It does not offer a cryptocurrency wallet.
Forms of Payment By bank transfer.
Security They comply with computer security standards for access to funds.


Originating in North America and founded in 2014, it offers a secure platform with a revamped interface. Now based in Liechtenstein, it provides online services through a mobile app (including a web version for desktops), allowing users to buy, sell and exchange the most traded cryptocurrencies. Users can make investments in the major cryptocurrency markets (over 250). It also offers a customer support system via social media and email.

Cryptocurrencies                               nbsp;                          ;                              nbsp;                      Over 190 cryptocurrencies and 500 trading pairs.
Commission Deposits and withdrawals are commission-free (only a minimum amount of €25 is accepted), while withdrawals can be made starting at €10. Fiat deposits and withdrawals are not available in some countries.
Portfel  It does not have an electronic wallet to manage cryptocurrencies.
Forms of Payment International bank transfer (requires Bittrex approval), credit and debit cards.
Security It uses various safeguards to protect the funds (only 10-20% of the funds are online). In addition, since 2018 they have included an IP validation step.

Electronic wallets for cryptocurrencies (wallets) allow you to store and manage most cryptocurrencies more conveniently. They offer an excellent advantage in trading (selling/buying) or investing at no additional cost (in most available services).


A well-known P2P cryptocurrency trading platform with worldwide operations, it was founded in 2014 by British entrepreneurs and offers investment services in a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Considered a platform for experienced traders, Bitmex offers a user-friendly graphical interface and allows you to access the network from your computer (a mobile version is not available). They have also applied strict access security standards, including an automatic audit trail of all accounts (up to 100 audits per second).

Cryptocurrencies                               nbsp;                          ;                              nbsp;                      It allows you to trade with the major cryptocurrencies on the market (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple, Tezos, Zcash).
Commission Sets fixed initial deposit and maintenance fees for most cryptocurrencies. No fees for deposits and withdrawals.
Maximum leverage 1:100 (available for Bitcoin trading, varies depending on the cryptocurrency being traded).
Forms of Payment  It only accepts Bitcoin for a minimum amount of 0.001 BTC (withdrawals are unlimited).
Security The platform has a number of security features that ensure the operation of the system, marketing, and communication with customers.


It is considered one of the best exchange and investment platforms, with over 8 years of experience in the cryptocurrency market, which has allowed them to develop many services. Bitfinex performs a large number of transactions per day, with Bitcoin transactions standing out thanks to the trading conditions they offer. The platform offers 2 cryptocurrency trading options: OTC (Over The Counter), with a minimum order of $50, and Spot Trading for those who want to conduct traditional trades.

A demo or "Paper Trading" version is also available for users to conduct simulated trades to learn the features or explore new strategies. In this version there are no losses, if trades are negative, test tokens are used which have no real value (for training purposes only).

Available cryptocurrencies                               nbsp;                          ;                              nbsp;                          They offer a wide range of cryptocurrencies and derivatives to trade.
Commission Deposit fees are free for cryptocurrencies, while wire transfers have a 0.100% fee with a minimum amount of $60/euro. Withdrawals have a fee on some cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has a fee of 0.0004BTC.
Portfel  It offers 3 cryptocurrency portfolios with different functions: for trading, investing long and short positions (with leverage), and for financing.
Forms of Payment Accepts cryptocurrency deposits and international bank transfers (application procedure required).
Security Over 99% of funds are protected offline, with all transactions requiring between 4 and 7 levels of security. In addition, withdrawals are not available on the mobile app.


A platform designed for the P2P (people-to-people) market, Localbitcoins has been facilitating the buying and selling of Bitcoin between people (worldwide) for over 8 years. Registered users have the ability to: sell, buy, as well as use an electronic wallet to send and receive Bitcoins. Trading is done through individual messages (the user chooses the payment method and exchange rate), then the platform mediates the transaction by offering guarantees (for the seller and the buyer) until the process is complete.

Cryptocurrencies                               nbsp;                          ;                              nbsp;                      Bitcoin
Commission Buy, sell and register transactions are free, however advertisements have a flat 1% fee (charged at the end of the transaction). Sending and receiving transactions with external Bitocoins wallets has a fee, which varies depending on the degree of blockchain usage.
Portfel  Bitcoin wallets are available for free to users.
Forms of Payment  They offer a range of payment options, from international bank transfers to electronic payment methods (the price of the offer may vary depending on the method chosen).
Security Compliance with IT security and financial services standards.


Since its launch (over 6 years ago), it has positioned itself as a platform that facilitates the exchange and trading of cryptocurrencies. Traders who register with Poloniex have the opportunity to trade over 100 cryptocurrency pairs (available for spot trading) and 25 marginal pairs (leverage of up to 1:100 is available for Futures trading). The trading platform offers 2 versions: a WebTrader and a mobile app (for iOS and Android operating systems, although not all features are available), the graphical interface allows the use of tools and indicators for a better experience.

Poloniex also offers technical support via social media and with access through the interface, which is a great option that not all exchanges offer. In addition, they have tightened security to provide a more reliable environment.

Cryptocurrencies                               nbsp;                          ;                              nbsp;                      The 100 most traded cryptocurrencies and asset pairs are available for trading.
Commission Deposits via Cryptos are commission-free, while withdrawals have a low additional fee. While trading commissions vary depending on the trading volume during the month (the higher the volume, the lower the commission). To buy and sell.
Portfel  Yes, it has a wallet for cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals.
Forms of Payment  Only cryptocurrencies can be deposited in the e-wallet.
Security The platform meets international security standards for financial services (only 2% of funds are online). In addition, users can access their accounts with 2 levels of protection.


In just 3 years of trading, Kucoin has gained wide acceptance and popularity among cryptocurrency exchange and trading platforms. It allows more than 200 cryptocurrency pairs to be traded at competitive rates, and offers a number of new options: cryptocurrency buying for major fiat currencies, Futures trading, Pool-X (a free market exchange that allows liquidity in cryptocurrencies), and peer-to-peer lending (the platform is an intermediary and allows trading on a margin for those receiving the loan, while generating interest for those making the loan).

The platform offers a WebTrader version and a mobile application (both with intuitive features), also offers 24/7 customer support, and a user community to share experiences.

Cryptocurrencies                               nbsp;                          ;                              nbsp;                      It offers the major cryptocurrencies on the market and over 450 related pairs.
Commission The trading commission is up to 0.1% and decreases if the trading volume increases within 30 days (Futures up to 0.02%). Deposits are free, while withdrawals have a minimum cost, depending on the cryptocurrency (Bitcoin is 0.0004 BTC).
Portfel  It does not offer a cryptocurrency wallet.
Forms of Payment  It accepts only cryptocurrencies, although it allows purchases with third-party platforms via P2P.
Security It complies with security standards for financial services and data encryption. In addition, customer funds are protected by an insurance policy. The interface also requires 2 levels of access security.


Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Austria, Bitpanda is a Fintech company that offers a platform for the trading and negotiation of various cryptocurrencies. It is currently considered one of the cryptocurrency exchanges with the widest range of services, in addition to providing reliability and ease of use. Users can take advantage of 9 different services: buy and sell, exchange, savings plan, metal trading, and more.

Bitpanda is available in over 54 countries with a variety of payment options (although fees may apply for depositing some cryptocurrencies). It also offers customer support through major social media, email and phone support.

Cryptocurrencies                               nbsp;                          ;                              nbsp;                      It allows you to trade the most traded cryptocurrencies, as well as a large number of derivative pairs.
Commission They apply a buying and selling commission, which varies depending on the cryptocurrency. Deposits have a fee (it can be free of a minimum amount and depending on the cryptocurrency), as do withdrawals (the fee varies depending on the payment method).
Portfel  Yes, the platform has a cryptocurrency wallet through which you can send or receive assets to other users (without commission). Besides the ease of administration (at the beginning the user has 1 wallet for each cryptocurrency).
Forms of Payment  It accepts many payment options: cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, and others (may vary by country).
Security It complies with international standards for financial services, such as AML5, and uses security certificates, data encryption, and safeguarding of funds.


It has been offering currency exchange services for over 7 years, achieving a presence in over 185 countries and exceeding 2 million users. Coinmama is based in Slovakia and has created a robust exchange platform where you can trade over 7 cryptocurrencies. It also accepts the most common international payment methods and offers fast delivery times (for example, it takes less than 10 minutes to purchase Bitcoin).

Access to the platform is online (no mobile app yet), but buying and selling cryptocurrencies is done in 5 simple steps. They also apply a competitive (fixed) fee for both transactions.

Cryptocurrencies                               nbsp;                          ;                              nbsp;                      It allows you to buy and sell 8 cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Tezos, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Qtum, Ethereum Classic and Cardano).
Commission Buying cryptocurrencies has a maximum fee of up to 3.9%, while selling can be as low as 0.9%. They may also charge a fee depending on the payment method (credit cards have a 5% fee).
Portfel  There is no wallet.
Forms of Payment  Credit and debit cards, international bank transfers.
Security They require up to 3 levels of account verification, also use encrypted data, and do not store payment-related information.


Based in Hong Kong and launched in 2013, the company now offers a state-of-the-art trading platform (with an API to include trading robots). In addition, it allows trading of over 500 digital assets and the world's most traded cryptocurrencies. Traders in the process of training can use the demo version, which does not require a deposit and allows them to learn the most important features (it can also be very useful for more advanced traders who nevertheless need to familiarize themselves with the interface).

This platform also offers corporate accounts, as well as various security systems to ensure total peace of mind.

Cryptocurrencies                               nbsp;                          ;                              nbsp;                      It allows you to trade the major cryptocurrencies on the market and over 800 compatible pairs.
Commission Withdrawal fees are market-adjusted and cryptocurrency deposits are free. While trading fees vary depending on the 30-day trading volume.
Portfel  It does not offer a cryptocurrency wallet.
Forms of Payment  It only supports cryptocurrencies.
Security Access requires 2-step verification, also uses security certificates and offline storage.


It is a platform that facilitates Bitcoin transactions through P2P trading, is present in over 100 countries and has a wide range of accepted payment methods. It currently has almost 5 million users and has developed a program aimed at Bitcoin providers. Paxful offers significant advantages in such a competitive market, both buyers and sellers can trade on fair terms.

They also offer a mobile app, a virtual wallet with a user-friendly graphical user interface that allows you to exchange, receive and send bitcoins.

Cryptocurrencies                               nbsp;                          ;                              nbsp;                          Bitcoin
Commission Buying bitcoin has no additional fees (it is free), while selling bitcoin has a flat 1% fee with almost all payment methods (bank transfers have a 5% fee). Transferring to an external wallet has a fee depending on the amount (between 0.0001 BTC and 0.0005 BTC).
Portfel  Yes, users can download the virtual wallet for free.
Forms of Payment  It offers more than 300 payment methods, which may vary according to each country's options.
Security They manage the deposit for buy and sell transactions and comply with various financial security standards.

Things to consider before choosing an exchange platform

Having reviewed the best exchanges on the market, it may be important to pay attention to some important aspects when choosing. There is no doubt that competition between platforms is high and services are being improved every day. In this regard, please analyze the following features:

1.     Fees and commissions: see all deposit, withdrawal and trading fees.

2.2.  Available cryptocurrencies: please check that the platform works with the cryptocurrency you are interested in trading.

3.  Payment methods: a very important aspect that will allow you to trade. For example, if you only have a credit card, you should check if the platform accepts credit cards to deposit funds (some exchanges may charge a fee for this type of payment).

Los servicios financieros que se proporcionan en este sitio web conllevan un alto nivel de riesgo y pueden ocasionar la pérdida de todos sus fondos. Nunca deberá invertir el dinero que no pueda permitirse perder